Doors and Windows have become an integral part of every Villa. Deltra have delved deeper to understand this fact to provide you the perfect blend and mix of windows and door in accordance to your villa so that it appears aesthetically beautiful. Our product gives plenty of room for creativity, leisure and originates fresh ideas.

With Deltra's affordable and ultra-modern doors and windows, you can turn your villa into a recreation far away from the urban hustle, noise and stress.

  • Our Windows and Door are excellent Thermal Insulators. You will stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer by installing Deltra's Windows and Doors. It also reduces your Energy bill by as much as 30%
  • Steel reinforcements inside the profiles make it possible to create large sizes of Doors and Windows for your Villas. You can typically replace your entire wall with our Doors or Windows adding better aesthetics to your home. Moreover it is strong enough to protect your Villa from thefts or burglars.
  • Customer requirements and environmental demands go hand in hand with Deltra. Our products are manufactured from natural resources. Also Double Glazing Windows ensures minimal heat loss resulting in low energy consumption, thus reducing the carbon footprint. Now be a proud owner of a Green Home.
  • Personalize your Villa with a splash of colors
  • No threats from insects and mosquitos. All our windows will be provided with Bug Screens/Mesh
  • Each window and door is specifically designed and crafted to perfection
  • Lower costs and longer life than Teak wood and others. Our products can outlive your property.


Deltra believes in wide and open spaces where fresh air and lovely landscapes rejuvenate your senses. With our large doors and windows, there will be less concrete and more openness, hence creating signature of your Villa. Our Windows (Sliding, Casement, and Tilt N Turn) and Doors (Sliding, Casement, Lift and Slide, Bi-Fold) are synonymous with simplicity, the perfect combination of Functionality and Aesthetics. The contours, colors and options are like no other and are carefully crafted.

Having such a huge selection of good choices, deciding which one to pick is a difficult task. But we make it easy for our clients. Deltra develops and proposes technical solutions after thorough inspection and analysis of your Villa considering various options such as your architecture, life-style, location, wind-factor, etc. Our expert engineers and staff will come up with a layout and assist you with complete end to end management which includes Survey, Design, Manufacturing, Supply, Installation and After Sales Service.

Deltra's products will turn your villa into a timeless beauty and gives you a sense of traditional craftsmanship. Call us for an appointment, today!

About Us

     Deltra is here to revolutionize your experience of using a problem free, zero maintenance, aesthetically delightful uPVC windows & doors. Quality comes first at Deltra and this can be reflected in our choice of infrastructure, people & partnership.


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      No.8-2-293/82/A, NO.305, 36 Pinnacle, Opp. P.Satyanarayan & Sons Jewellers, Road No. 36, Jubilee Hills, Near check Post, Hyderabad - 500033

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