Installing new Windows and Doors is a significant job in your property. You can help Deltra to provide you better services by familiarizing yourself with our "Site Readiness" requirements.

The window installation process is not something which any person can carry out. Deltra recognizes that installer experience is of critical importance for the success of product installation and its performance. Hence Deltra employs skillful, competent and experienced professionals. They have sufficient knowledge and a deep understanding of the building envelop technologies.

We conduct an on-site inspection process to customize and suggest Windows and Doors by taking up the accurate measurements. For the perfect installation, measurements play a very vital role. Onsite measurements are taken only after the completion of plastering and flooring so that any discrepancy in the window sizes can be avoided. Ideally, the measurements for fabrication of Windows and Doors are taken only if the window aperture is ready in all aspects. We recommend that there is no further work involved once the final measurements for production are taken by our highly skilled site-Surveyors.

Deltra practices following points for the effective Site-Surveying:

  • The construction of your property should be complete, if there is any masonry and civil work left then there is high probability of mortar or concrete spluttering on the glass and window frame resulting in scratched glasses and spoiled windows.
  • There is no scope for the modification and alteration of the Window aperture.
  • The paint and the interior works such as false ceiling & POP are done.
  • Your site is left with only final touches.
  • The place should be free of excessive dirt, dust and unwanted debris.


Unlike other traditional windows, Deltra's products are installed as a single unit along with the frame. It is critical to follow the above suggestions otherwise:

  • Windows and Doors produced with improper measurements go waste.
  • Designing and Customizing to personalize your needs will be of no use.
  • Installation is not effective and adds to the poor aesthetics.
  • You will not enjoy Deltra's uPVC benefits such as Thermal Insulation, Water tightness, Wind Resistance, Sound Insulation, Theft, etc.


Building your home is a labor of love and a life changing event. With Deltra, you can concentrate on your masonry construction and leave the Windows and Door fabrication & installation on us. Deltra delivers on commitments and strictly adhere to the timelines. We get you closer to your dream!

With Deltra's affordable and ultra-modern doors and windows, you can turn your villa into a recreation far away from the urban hustle, noise and stress.

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     Deltra is here to revolutionize your experience of using a problem free, zero maintenance, aesthetically delightful uPVC windows & doors. Quality comes first at Deltra and this can be reflected in our choice of infrastructure, people & partnership.


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