Building a new home is a labor of love and life changing event. Deltra brings your home an affordable solution with world class products and services. We are sure that our ultra-modern doors and windows will delight you as it provides tranquil setup of the great outdoors indoors. It opens a new window and connects you to the beautiful outside world.

When you build your home you give your all attention to your architecture. Well we do the same when we manufacture our doors and windows. You will be surprised to know that at Deltra no 2 windows and doors are same and we customize it based on your requirements. Various factors such as Sound Insulation, Water Tightness, Wind Resistance, Thermal Insulation & Energy Efficiency, etc. are considered before fabricating our products.

You don’t need to compromise on the style of your property, because from traditional to modern, Deltra supports varied designs, styles, shapes which includes bays, arches, tilt & turn and combination. Surprisingly Deltra is cheaper to buy than aluminum and wood windows.

What is the first thing that strikes when you enter someone’s residence? Impress your visitors with our elegant yet affordable windows and doors which will leave your onlookers awestruck. The choice of doors and windows you select will reflect your taste and personality and as someone rightly said, first impression is the last impression. Your home will now echo only with cheerful noises of your beloved family members as our products are designed to avert distractions due to outside traffic noise and neighbor woes. Multi-point lock system assures you that no burglar can take an entry into your possession.

You don’t need to worry much about keeping your home clean because Deltra’s ultra modern windows consists of Insect bug with Self Cleaning Brush which will automatically clean up all the dust and tiny particles from the sides of the window pane, making it virtually maintenance free. The gaps between walls and windows are perfectly sealed with high quality silicone gel which ensures tight fit. And to safeguard you from Monsoons, Water Slot is equipped in the windows for the Rain water to be drained out.

Call us soon because you are entitled to living a good life.

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     Deltra is here to revolutionize your experience of using a problem free, zero maintenance, aesthetically delightful uPVC windows & doors. Quality comes first at Deltra and this can be reflected in our choice of infrastructure, people & partnership.


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      No.8-2-293/82/A, NO.305, 36 Pinnacle, Opp. P.Satyanarayan & Sons Jewellers, Road No. 36, Jubilee Hills, Near check Post, Hyderabad - 500033

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