uPVC is the new age material and choice of modern homes and workplaces. It is slowly replacing traditional window and door materials; Wood and Aluminum. They have come as a solution to many disadvantages posed by wooden and aluminum products like high maintenance, wear and tear, reaction to change in climatic conditions and inability to provide sturdy large windows.

Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) was discovered completely by accident independently by 2 Scientist. It was first discovered by French chemist Henri Victor Renault (Year 1835) and by German Eugen Baumann (Year 1872). The un-plasticized form of PVC, known as uPVC eventually found a use as a building material in Germany and then its usage was quickly spread to other countries as well due to its varied properties.

Potential of using uPVC as building material attracted R &D of the material. Ability to cast them as Profiles opened up and making them sturdy by reinforced by steel or aluminum revolutionized its usage as new age building material making it robust, firm, thermal insulate and durable.

uPVC material have thus become the choice of architects as it allows them to be creative in the shape, size and colour of the windows and doors. . Modular designs can be created using seamless combinations of sliders, casement and fixed windows. Cost effective production of uPVC material has made bays, arches, tilt & turn and combination windows, vertical, horizontal, trapezoidal windows affordable to even middle class households Reach out to Deltra to find out more and find solution to your uPVC Window & Door needs .

uPVC Windows & Doors are the Best !

Dream Windows & Doors: zero maintenance, Eco friendly, power saving; prevent dust, water and noise entering your homes, Safe, fire resistant and above all can be customized according to your esthetics. The new age innovation of producing windows & doors using Un-Plasticized Polyvinyl Chloride (a.k.a. uPVC) profiles has them all.

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     Deltra is here to revolutionize your experience of using a problem free, zero maintenance, aesthetically delightful uPVC windows & doors. Quality comes first at Deltra and this can be reflected in our choice of infrastructure, people & partnership.


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