Advantages of these windows & Doors are:

Maintenance Free: uPVC Windows & Doors havezero maintenance cost. The material is unaffected by change in climate. No erosion and No corrosion and perfectly suitable for any climate; windy, humid or rainy. UPVC windows don't even need repainting and is very easy to clean. Sounds good?

Termite Free: uPVC's hard surface is resistant to termites, unlike wood, that is affected by insects and termites. This makes uPVC windows and doors last as long as your house.

Thermal Insulation & Energy Efficient: uPVC windows and doors can reduce your electricity bill considerably. The unique double seal mechanism and multiple point locking system makes the window perfectly sealed thereby preventing desired air (either cool or warm) from leaking out of the gaps in the windows and doors. This mechanism drastically reduces Energy requirement of ACs and Room heaters.

Fire Resistance: uPVC materials are self-extinguishing in nature and throughout the product life; it will not cause or support the natural development of fire. This also prevents fire from spreading. The special profile compound possesses a fire-retardant rating according to DIN 4102. It also fulfills Class 1 fire resistance (i.e. most resistant) as defined in BS (British Standards) 476: Part 7.

Safety: uPVC products are very powerful and can be proudly deemed as Burglar Proof, because the special installation and superior internal glazing makes them tough. This ensures that the window pane can only be removed from inside. Multipoint locks can also be used to enhance the safety and most of time this comes as a part of standard product. In short, it gives you a complete peace of mind.

Water Tightness: Fed up of water entering your home during rainy season? uPVC gives you another reason to rejoice as these windows and doors prevents leakages during rain. A specially designed and formulated rain drain system does the entire trick so that you can enjoy rainy season tension free. They are engineered to be water tight when tested up to 300PA, limit specified in BS 3675, Part 1 1989.

Wind Resistance: Good news to people living in high rise building, higher altitude and closer to the sea. uPVC windows are engineered to withstand the tests specified in BS 5368, Part 3 1978 (wind resistance test up to a wind pressure of 2400 PA). This also makes it as an ideal installation in buildings which are in the close proximity to sea and exposed to heavy rain, strong winds and salty water.

Sound Insulation: No need to move to city extension townships to get rid of noise. You can now very well have your homes and offices amidst bustling streets and can enjoy serenity. This is possible with uPVC windows and doors. uPVC windows and doors insulates up to 40 dB which comes up to the German DIN standard for sound insulation Class 5, DIN 4109.

Aesthetics: uPVC windows and doors can be customized to suit your aesthetics. You describe your need and we will make a window and door that matches it. uPVC windows can provide large windows stretching up to the ceiling. In fact you can replace an entire wall with windows.

Colors: uPVC windows and doors are available in colours. Wide choice of colours enables you to choose a perfect match to the surrounding walls and furniture.

Final word on why you should choose uPVC:

As is evident there is a great benefit in using uPVC instead of a traditional material, such as wood or aluminum. Regardless of your need, long-term or a short-term solution, we advise that you opt for this material. You will be glad that you did so when you see the value for your money.

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